Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Answer to Why

To be a good reporter you have to remember to ask the Five Ws; Who? What? Where? When? And Why?  If you can get these basic questions answer then you generally will get all the information that is needed.  But often the reporters when covering a tragic story, can’t answer the last.  For weeks they will attempt to answer it, most often the answer to why will be left unanswered.

Why, the reason or purpose, or explanation.  It seems so simple but then how come it often left unanswered?  It seems being a Christian and serving an all knowing God, shouldn’t we know the answer?  Often people when tragedy happens, who never acknowledge God in the past, will begin to ask God, “Why?”  They will ask Christian, “Why does a loving God allow this?  Why would God let this happen?  Why?”  Even Christians will ask, “Why?” When they may not understand.  It will seem that God doesn’t answer their questions, as if He doesn’t hear them. 

If you have ever been around a young child, you will know that as they become more curious about their surroundings they will begin asking questions.  Why is the sky blue?  Why does a bird fly and a fish swim?  Why this?  Why that?  As an adult, we attempt to answer the questions as best as we can.  But some answers to “Why?” are more difficult and their young minds are unable to understand the reason to why.  The reason or purpose to the answer to why is too great, too difficult and much more complicated then they need to know.  For example, Little Jonny would like to spend the night at Bobby’s house but you won’t allow it.  Jonny wants to know why, but how can you explain to Jonny that Bobby’s father is a drunk and comes home and beats his wife.  As a good parent you would shield your child from the dangers.  This may cause some pain but will save your child from an even greater pain.

The book of Job is a story of a man who looses it all.  His family, his wealth even his health.  For 37 chapters it tells his story and how his friends and even Job question why these events happen.  Finally God had enough and began speak in Job 38, in the form of questions.  God established who He was, that it was He that laid the foundations of the earth, causes the weather and gave strength and life to the animals of the earth.  For four chapters, God declares who He is and letting Job know that He is in control. 

As Christians should we even ask God “Why?”  Yes!  God will always answer our questions, but we must be careful to listen for the answer.  It may not be what we expect and the biggest part is that we need to trust God.  So what is the answer to the question to “Why?”  The simple answer is often, “Because.”  Going back to our example earlier, instead of explaining to Jonny the dangers as an adult we may answer Jonny with, “Because” or declaring who we are, “Because I am your father/mother and I said so.”  It may be upsetting at the moment, but what we are saving our child from is much greater.  Remember we are the “Children of God” not the “Adults of God”, our understanding is much smaller then that of our heavenly Father.

How did I learn to answer to “Why?”  I had to live it; I had to learn to trust God when the pain was so deep and so strong.  I had many moments that in my short life of 29 years that brought me to the question “Why?”  I lost both my step dad and brother to suicide.  The pain was so great that I felt I had been shot also.  I had cancer that nearly took my life at only 22 years old, which took most of my 20s to recover from.  These are only a few things I experience, to many to share.  I can remember many nights staring at the ceiling of my room, crying out “Why God? Why me? Why now? Why? Why? Why?”  I couldn’t even begin to express these moments.

Each time, I was reminded that God is God.  He created everything; He is the beginning and the end.  He knows the past, present and the future.  He may answer “Why” sometimes but often especially at the moment, we have to trust Him.  Lean on Him and find comfort in the answer to “Why?” is simple “Because.”

Psalms 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God:”

 Jacqueline Suzanne

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