Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lonely Christmas Night

I stretch my back and stop for just a moment, looking at the sign. I had gone 2 miles and still had one more mile to go. I readjusted my book bag and started off. It was Christmas week and all had gone wrong. My car was in the shop, I lost my phone on the bus and in the evenings I had to walk 3 miles to catch the closest bus. I was tired, cold and nearly in tears. Without a car I would not make it to the annual Christmas Eve party with my aunts, uncles, & cousins, in a way I was sadden at it all. I was too broke to give even a small gift to my niece and even thought for the first year in history I actually had all my Christmas cards delivered on time, I really wasn’t in the Christmas mood.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Do you remember M.A.S.H!? The game that most girls played when they were a tweens and teenager that game that would decide your future? Oh yes, you would put down names of guys that you were “In Love” with or would one day like to marry. You would pick your future cars, how many kids, your future jobs. Then if you really want you would put your wedding colors, what month you would be married, where you would live, what your husband’s occupancy would be and before you knew it you would have a huge list. Then your friend would make a swirl or lines till you tell them to stop this deciding the number. Slowly you would count off. You either sigh a bit of relief when certain things would be marked off or saddened as your “One True Love” was marked off! When all is said and done your future would be decided for you. With either great delight or fear and prayers it won’t come true.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Politically Correct Christmas... I Mean Holiday Report

NEWS FLASH - The Politically Correct Police have stormed the country this Christmas… Holiday. Watch out they may invade you town at anytime! If you don’t want to persecute or possibly offend someone else, we advise you at this time to do the following. Please remove all “Christmas” from all your Holiday display. The word has “Christ” in it and to the unbeliever this might upset them. From now on all Christmas items will be replaced with the word “Holiday”. They will be Holiday Cards, Holiday Cookies, Holiday Trees, Holiday Songs, and so on.