Friday, December 12, 2014

The Science of the Blood of Jesus

“I see a crimson stream of blood, that flows from Calvary…”
“There is power, power wonder working power in the blood, of the Lamb…”
“What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.”
We write hymns and song about it and we sing about it in church.  We have been taught the importance of the shedding of the blood, thru out the Bible. The necessity of the spotless sacrifice that would make the blood pure and met the demands of a perfect sacrifice.  We learn that in Leviticus 17:11 (KJV)
For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul.”

So much has been taught on the blood of Jesus Christ, it has become so common to most Christians but I like to present one more consideration.  A scientific spin on the blood of Jesus; the component if we were to look at them under a “spiritual microscope”.  With a help of my High School Biology students, we considered what each component of the blood might represent.

There are four things that our blood contains; Plasma, Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells and Platelets.  The blood affects every part of the body, without it, great damage can happen to the area cut off from this life giving flow. Even death can happen at the loss of blood.  We must have blood apart of every aspect of our lives so that we can have life.

55% of the blood content is Plasma; the plasma is 90% water, 10% nutrients.  This balance helps us to maintain proper blood pressure.  The nutrients help to regulate the water in the blood, help protect and assist the White Blood Cells in attacking foreign objects.  The plasma of Jesus is given to us in the form of Water Baptism in his name.  It also in the form of Spiritual Baptism; the Holy Ghost. It helps maintain a proper Christian Life and balancing our lives to the Word of God.

Red Blood Cells is a master of design for doing its job of carrying oxygen.  With the help of special iron contained blood proteins called hemoglobin, red blood cells can bind easily to oxygen.  As oxygen is transferred though out the body, the red blood cells will drop off oxygen; then picks up carbon dioxide that is no longer useful to the body.  The Red Blood cells of Jesus’ Blood will do the same; bring us new life to every part of us.  Removing the old and bad, which if not removed can cause damage and even death.

White Blood Cells are called the Solider Cells, they are design to fight.  Their purpose to fight off foreign objects and they will die to protect their home.  Jesus’ white blood cells do the same things in our lives.  Sin is a foreign object; God did not originally design sin to be in our lives.  We have no way of fighting or destroying sin, only the white blood cells of Jesus could do this.

The platelets’ job is to patrol the blood vessels for leaks.  These tiny disk-shaped cell fragments serve as the patch kits.  They are also first to assist in blood clotting.  When we are broken in our lives, damage by sin or harmed by this world, Jesus’ platelets come into our lives and begin to repair us.  They will clot out things that are harmful to us and keep us from losing life.

Last of all we think that Jesus had to of had O- Blood type.  O- Blood type is called the “Universal Blood Donor”, this is because O- Blood lacks antigens that other blood types contain.  If Jesus contained these antibodies and we received a “blood transfusion” from Him, our body would not accept it and considered foreign and be destroyed.  This would not help us.  The blood of Jesus would have to be free from these “tags” and accepted by all.

Without the blood of Jesus and all its components, we will die in sin.  We must ask for a “blood transfusion” in order to live.  Because only though Jesus’ blood can we remove sin from our lives.  Only though Jesus’ blood could we be restored and become new.  Only though Jesus’ blood can we receive life.  We might never sing songs about Jesus’ platelets or talk about the power in His white blood cells or poetically write about seeing a crimson stream of the red blood cells flowing from Calvary.  But when we do sing about the blood, you might have a different prospective of what the blood of Jesus might be doing in your lives.

A Fellow Follower & Science Teacher

Jacqueline Suzanne

With the help of my students, Hannah, Andrew and Paul

Graham, Keith & Parker, Graham. Biology God's Living Creation Third Edition. Pensacola, FL: A Beka Book Science Series, 2007. USA