Thursday, August 18, 2011

Judge Not

The doors had barely swung open to the court room when he had already heard the judgment called. “GUILTY!” shouted the Judge as he slammed down the gravel, “Guilty, Guilty, GUILTY!” He was taken back as he staggered in. He had not even had a fair chance; He didn’t even get a chance to plea his case. He looked over at the jury box, would they be so quick with their verdict. Twelve angry men stared back at him. He began to fight back tears as he tried to stutter out a plea but kept getting cut off. He just need one face to look at him that was not judgmental. One face that would just listen, they did not know his story, they did not know the who, what, where or why of the situation. They had stamped a”Guilty” sign on him long before he had arrived.