Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Candy Cane Mystery

The following story was written by the 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade students at Standard Christian School.  They contributed by given only one line at a time.  Please enjoy and comment!

The Candy Cane Mystery

Once upon a time in a little town of Albany, at a quaint little school called Standard Christian School a great mystery took place! One December night, it began someone stole the stripes from all of the candy canes. We, the students, Karina, Valentin, Ana, Shylo, Cruz and Daniel began to search for the lost stripes. 
Karina said, "Where could they be?"
Shylo responds, "I know, lets look in the restrooms!"
They looked in the bathroom and they were not there.
Daniel points and says, "You stole the strips, Shylo!"
Shylo ran and we ran after him.  Suddenly we went through a door and we were in Candy Land.  So we got to the window and saw it was broken.  We looked out the window and saw Shylo was climbing the Candy Volcano. The Candy Volcano was made out of rock candy and frosting.  We grabbed our gear of lollipops hiking sticks and packed our bag of candy to head after Shylo. We fell into the Volcano and found all of the Candy Cane Stripes.
Shylo said, "It was not me, I didn't steal the stripes, I saw the real thief and they got away."
So we went to look for the real thief.  We went through the magic school bus. We found ourselves in Arizona when it was lightning at night.  We had to watch out for javelins, scorpions and jumping cholla cactus.
Cruz said, "Follow me, I know where he can be, he is in Jerome, with the wickest people."  There were 12 robbers in the saloon.
Ana asks, "Who knows where the candy cane strip stealer is?" But everyone shrugs their shoulders.
Karina suggest, "Check their tongues!"  So Valentin pulled everyone's tongue out and to their surprise no one has a red tongue. Could it be one of them that did?  Slowly, each one stuck their tongue out at each other.  No one had a red tongue.  So all the students went back to school and sat sadly in their classroom.  Sis. Jacqui began to teach and to all their surprised, she had a red tongue.  The End!

From Sis. Jacqui's Classroom

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